When Your Heater Breaks Down, Paramount is Here for You

不幸的是, 你的取暖器不会永远用下去. Eventually, it will break down 和 need to be replaced. 经常, this happens at the worst possible time—the middle of the night or the coldest day of the year. Fortunately, if you call 新奥尔巴尼 or 新奥尔巴尼 home, 派拉蒙公司的暖通十大网络彩票平台大全专家 are here to make 加热器 replacement less of a hassle. 我们欢迎您的来电 614.349.3332 安排 加热器的服务 和 discover why your friends 和 neighbors trust us with their heating 和 cooling needs.

For tips on timing your 加热器 replacement 和 telling when it’s time for one, read on.

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A lot of homeowners cross their fingers in hopes that their 加热器 or 热泵 可以修复. Even a few hundred dollars for a repair is much easier to come up with than thous和s for a total system replacement. 但愿望并不总能实现. There comes a time in every HVAC system’s life when repairing it is no longer feasible or economical. This can be due to low parts availability, rust, or age. If you notice any of the following symptoms of a 加热器 on its last leg, it might be time to start saving for a new 加热器:

  • 年龄: Like cars, all heating systems degrade with time. 而 定期私彩信誉平台十大网站 can extend the lifespan of your unit, it can’t do so indefinitely. If your unit was made more than 10-15 年 ago, most HVAC experts will recommend replacing it.
  • 频繁的维修: Are you now on a first-name basis with our HVAC technician? Have you called them out more than once or twice this season? Well, it might be a sign that a major repair (和 likely replacement) is incoming. 在很多情况下, it’s better to proactively replace the unit during a slower time of year than to wait for that last domino to fall. 在比较温和的时期,回扣和 特殊供暖系统折扣 通常是可用的.
  • 能源费用高: As your 加热器 ages, it may use more energy to achieve the same level of comfort. Over time, you’ll see this reflected in your monthly utility bills.

Fortunately, no matter the size or scope of the problem, Paramount can h和le your 加热器修复 或更换. 的提示 供暖服务 in 新奥尔巴尼, Westerville, or 都柏林,给 614.349.3332 一个铃铛.

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在你 决定换掉你的旧供暖系统, it’s time to consider what you want to replace it with. When estimating the total cost of installing a new system, 你需要考虑以下几点:

  • 能源效率: Everyone knows using less energy 和 saving money is smart. Do you mind paying more upfront for a unit that saves you money over the long term? For people looking to save, we suggest installing a unit with an AFUE of above 90. The higher the energy efficiency, the less sting you'll experience in your heating bills.
  • 大小: 你的家有多大还是多小? This can have a huge impact on the cost of a new 加热器 以及它的运行效率. 老实说,这是有道理的. 加热 a home with two or three stories takes a lot more power than a ranch-style house. 虽然一些房主认为越大越好, 但在暖通十大网络彩票平台大全方面就不是这样了. 大号的单位通常周期短, which leads to loss of efficiency 和 puts more wear on parts. It’s sort of the same effect as highway versus city driving.
  • 燃料来源: The type of fuel your home uses can also impact the cost of your new 加热器. Electric heating units are the most affordable but also tend to be the most expensive to run. Gas 加热器s are cheaper 和 cleaner running than oil.

我们知道需要 新奥尔巴尼的新加热器 让你有很多事情要考虑. 但你不会一个人做这个决定. 我们当地的暖通十大网络彩票平台大全专家 will present you with a number of options that fit your budget 和 your home. Rest assured that our top concern is your comfort, not our bottom line or inventory. 如果负担不起是一个问题,看看我们的 促销活动融资 页面.


Whether your unit is br和 new or a few 年 old, 加热器年度私彩信誉平台十大网站 能让它保持最高效率运行吗. 当我们给你安装新的加热器时,问一下我们是否 提供任何调整和私彩信誉平台十大网站奖励 用它. 在这些定期的预防性检查期间, our HVAC technician will run through an extensive checklist that includes everything from wiring inspections to burner cleaning 和 filter replacement. By ensuring all obstacles to operation are removed, we make staying warm easy 和 hassle-free. 了解更多十大网络彩票平台大全新奥尔巴尼的暖通十大网络彩票平台大全维修计划,请致电(614)349-3332.

When Replacing a Heater in 新奥尔巴尼, Trust the Company Your Neighbors Do

If your 加热器 is costing you a fortune to run or has stopped working completely, we can help. Our flexible scheduling allows us to h和le 加热器 replacements promptly, 这样你就不会被困在寒冷中了. Because we know a 加热器 replacement is hard enough, we provide replacement 和 installation quotes at no cost to you or your family. Whether you need the system now or are trying to be proactive, 我们当地的暖通十大网络彩票平台大全专家 一个电话就能搞定吗. 如果你选择派拉蒙, you can count on us to clean up after ourselves 和 properly dispose of the old heating unit.

派拉蒙加热 & 空气公司一直以服务为荣 新奥尔巴尼, Westerville, 都柏林,以及周边地区 12 年. In addition to 加热器 replacement, we also provide AC替换 还有一系列的 室内空气质素服务. To get to know us better, we invite you to check out our 谷歌概要.



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