Lack of return air is a very common problem for those systems that were either poorly designed or originally planned for heat only applications. Adding additional returns to your system allows for greater supply air into your home, 为您的家人带来更好的空气流通和舒适. The benefits you will receive by taking care of this problem include: quieter operation, 更好的气流, 减少维修, 延长设备的使用寿命, 降低水电费及, 最重要的是, 更大的安慰.



你有没有在盛夏的时候呆在阁楼里? It's HOT! 所以你需要一个阁楼通风机. Assisting your air conditioner in cooling your home and in lowering your utility bills, an attic ventilator exhausts the hot air from your attic and brings in cooler air from the outside. This circulation of air greatly reduces the heat load on your home allowing your air conditioner to work more efficiently and to cool your home faster. Adding an attic ventilator to your home will save you money and make you more comfortable.

Kool Kap


用Kool Kap一年四季保护你的十大网络彩票平台大全. 日复一日, 你的十大网络彩票平台大全的冷凝装置受到太阳的照射, rain, snow, ice, leaves, dirt, 木棍和其他碎片. This debris collects in the bottom your condensing unit and traps water, snow and ice. All this trapped moisture causes your system to prematurely rust and corrode, damaging your system. 通过保持你的冷凝装置清洁, it will run at peak efficiency saving you money on your utility bills. 一旦安装了Kool Kap,你就再也不用为它烦恼了. The Kool Kap remains on your condenser year round, so put it on, let it work and forget about it.



不仅仅是冷却空气, the main function of an air conditioner is to dehumidify the air to create a comfortable environment. 然后将从除湿空气中释放出来的水排干. If your air conditioning system is located in your attic, this can pose serious problems. 如果下水道堵塞了, the condensation will overflow from your air conditioner and onto your ceiling. Repairing or replacing your ceiling could cost you hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars if you have a cathedral ceiling. 出于这个原因,我们提供了一个天花板保护套件.

The ceiling saver kit catches any potential leaks in a custom fabricated pan that has a separate drain line to protect your ceiling from leaks. 万一备用排水管堵塞了怎么办? 我们已经搞定了. We also install as part of our ceiling saver kit a safety switch that will automatically turn your air conditioner off eliminating the possibility for any more condensation to occur. 此时此刻, you will realize that your air conditioning system is not working and call us for service to correct the problem without ever leaking a drop of water onto your ceiling.


Remove the nuisance of ugly hoses or pipes running across the floor

Condensation or wastewater is a byproduct of high efficiency furnaces, 十大网络彩票平台大全蒸发器盘管, 还有流式加湿器. A condensate pump is used to transfer this wastewater to a proper drain.



硬启动套件旨在帮助您的压缩机启动. If your inside air conditioning coil is located more than 50 feet from your outside condensing unit, you probably need a hard start kit to assist your compressor when it turns on. You see, your air conditioner works like a pump circulating the refrigerant throughout your system. The harder the pump has to work the less efficient it is and the more likely it is to break down. 在十大网络彩票平台大全最需要帮助的时候,硬启动套件可以帮助你, 当它第一次启动并开始泵送过程时. The addition of a hard start kit will extend the life of your compressor, 哪一种可以帮你节省高昂的维修或更换费用.


Monitors & 当你不在的时候保护你的家

让科技让你的生活更轻松. Today we have systems available that can monitor your heating and air conditioning system 24 hours a day 365 days a year. These systems are perfect for vacation homes or for people who travel a lot.



在炎热的夏季,电力是非常宝贵的, 公用事业公司经常降低电力输出. 这通常被称为褐变. A brown out or reduction in power can do irreparable damage to your appliances, 尤其是你的十大网络彩票平台大全. 所有的电器都被设计成在一定的功率下工作. 如果能量水平下降, 您的电器将继续工作, 但他们将被迫在胁迫下工作.

A lightning strike to your home can damage or destroy all of your electrical appliances. 在你的断路器盒里安装了避雷器, you can protect all of your electrical appliances including your air conditioner, computer, 冰箱, microwave, 洗碗机, stereo and televisions with a single dedicated lightning arrestor tied into your home's electrical panel. 这个简单的, inexpensive device can save you thousands of dollars in the event your home is ever struck by lightning.



通过阻止你的装置开关 (短周期) 因此,一个时间延迟继电器可以防止它过早磨损. A time delay relay is also the perfect accessory for families that have children who like to play with the thermostat. No matter how often you change the setting on the heat/cool switch or the fan on/auto switch, 你不能烧坏你的压缩机. This is because the time delay relay won't turn your system on for 3-5 minutes after the last thermostat adjustment has been made.



Easy-to-see thermostats are the best idea in thermostats and few people know about them! 它们的工作原理和标准恒温器一样,使用起来也很方便. An easy-to-see thermostat has very large raised numbers that people with impaired vision can easily read. An audible click sounds at each degree mark as you adjust the temperature by turning the dial. An optional large clear dial cover is available to assist those who are hindered with arthritis.

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